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  • Worthington accuses China of refrigerant cylinder dumping

    USA: Refrigerant cylinder manufacturer Worthington Industries has filed petitions alleging that Chinese manufacturers are dumping non-refillable steel cylinders on the US market. The company, based in Columbus, Ohio, claims that the Chinese manufacturers are being unfairly subsidised by their government, enabling them to sell the cylinders at […]

  • Factories shut but product and service still available

    UK: The UK’s East Anglian enclave of refrigerated foodservice equipment manufacturers Williams, Foster, Gamko and Precision have all announced the curtailment of manufacturing operation during the coronavirus crisis. Kings-Lynn-based Williams Refrigeration has announced the closure of production until April 14. The company reports good […]

  • Beijer Ref UK branches still open

    UK: All Beijer Ref UK and Ireland branches remain open, according to the latest update from the refrigeration and air conditioning wholesaler. This includes Dean & Wood, HRP, RW and DWG branches. All branches are said to be stocked and fully operational with both delivery and collection available. Although, all customers seeking collection are […]

  • Alan Kirkham set to retire

    UK: Alan Kirkham, commercial director of Beijer Ref UK and Ireland, is set to retire in May after an industry career spanning 50 years. Kirkham started his working life as an apprentice electrician. When qualified, Alan joined Prestcold Northern as a refrigeration installation engineer. In 1979 he transferred to wholesaler Nationwide Refrigeration […]

  • Skilled trade workers will put the world back on track

    As America grinds to a halt, the sheet metal industry is slowly pressing on amid the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

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