HVAC Distributors Predict Modest Growth in 2016 (ACHR News)

The latest report from Heating, Air-conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) showed that average sales for HARDI distributor members increased by 8.2 percent in December 2015, but annualized growth for all of 2015 registered a bit lower at 5.7 percent. This compares to the 6.1 percent gain in 2014, the second consecutive year of slower growth since a 7.3 percent increase was reported in 2013. This may indicate that another year of modest growth is on the horizon. “The core economic drivers for HARDI members remain positive, but a softer macroeconomic environment the first half of 2016 year means they will have to work hard to achieve aggressive growth targets,” said Connor Lokar, senior economist, HARDI.
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Optimized Power-Demand Control System for Electric Motors (HPAC Engineering)

During off-design load conditions, use of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) reduces electric-motor power demand. At design and near-design loads, however, it has the opposite effect. Widespread application of VFDs, then, might cause an increase in the design power demand of electric utilities, forcing them to administer mandatory consumer power-demand-shedding programs.