Emerson Launches First Connected-Home HVAC Service

Emerson’s Comfort Guard system uses 10 sensors to collect data over Wi-Fi each time the heating and cooling system runs. With every run, a 32-point inspection is conducted, including a scan for efficiency changes, filter degradation, and component problems. Any indication of a problem generates a notice to the ComfortGuard monitoring team who analyzes the data before sending a system alert to the homeowner and their service professional…. more on sys-con.com


Smart HVAC Controls Market Expected to Reach $26.60 Billion by 2020

The Smart HVAC Controls market is a growing market, which includes sensors, controlling devices and Smart Vents. Revenue for this sector is estimated to reach $26.60 billion by 2020. The main drivers for this growth include need for energy efficient solutions, consumer demand for remote access control of room thermostats, green building concept, and the use of Wi-Fi in homes and businesses…. more on marketsandmarkets.com