Planning for Biomed Facility Puts Energy Efficiency Under Microscope

Constructing Washington State University’s biomed building was a challenge, given rigid temperature and humidity set points, 24/7 operation, and high ventilation rates. Project manager Gary Solberg stated “One of our toughest challenges was packing all the mechanical components into limited ceiling space.” The facility’s north side features a floor-to-ceiling glass curtain wall, which also had to be factored in to perimeter conditioning…. more on

Portable Air Chiller Features Explosion Proof Design

Combining fan and dry mist technology, Model EPF-AC-24 cools Class 1, Div 2 work areas that do not have access to traditional air conditioning. The portable unit can cool hazardous work environments 20–30° for up to 10 hours, and the unit automatically shuts down when the water reservoir is empty. The chiller comes with a 24 inch spark proof aluminum blade and enclosed wire and motors…. more on