Unintended Consequences – The Risks of Family Business (IE3)

Stephen Manicek sat quietly and stared out the window of his car as it sat parked in the parking lot of Manicek Microtek. Until a few minutes ago, he had been president of Manicek Microtek, one of the country’s largest telecommunications parts distributors. Now he was out of a job and felt he was a victim.

Arrest for selling flammable refrigerant (Cooling Post)

A 34-year-old man has been arrested in Louisiana for selling a substitute air conditioning refrigerant containing flammable propane. According to nola.com, the website of The Times-Picayune, Michael Wagner of Metairie is accused of selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of a substitute air conditioning refrigerant containing propane to unwitting air conditioning repair companies, professionals and DIYers. The refrigerant, sold as Super-Freeze 22A, was advertised as a substitute for R22 between 2012 and 2016.