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  • Choosing the Best Coatings for Heat Transfer Coils

    Heat transfer coils are one of the most critical and delicate components in any air conditioning system. Chillers have them, heat pumps have them, and DX systems have them. As the name implies, the coil is the heat exchanger in the air conditioner, t […]

  • Meet Resideo: Honeywell’s New Stand-Alone Smart Home Spin-Off

    Honeywell will license its brand to Resideo under a long-term agreement for use in its home comfort, security hardware, and software solutions for all channels. So while the name “Honeywell Home” will be kept on the box, smart home products will exist under Resideo as a separate entity. […]

  • Homeowners Study Up to Shape the Energy Management Market

    On average, homeowners are coming to their HVAC decisions as better-informed consumers. That seems to be the consensus on the manufacturer side. That said, they are seeing not only more widespread interest in giving environmental concerns more priority in purchasing decisions, but also that this interest is more impervious to other circumstances […]

  • Don’t Let Side HVAC Jobs Lead to No Jobs

    With a bit of creativity, a clear policy on what kinds of jobs can be done for free or a reduced price can turn a tense situation into a win-win agreement that’s fair to all parties involved: customer, technician, and business alike. […]

  • Stulz to sell CoolIT units in Australasia

    CANADA: CoolIT Systems has appointed Stulz ANZ as its master distributor for its data centre liquid cooling solutions in the Australasian region. The agreement includes the sales and distribution of CoolIT’s coolant distribution units, rack manifolds, and associated direct liquid cooling products. Under the agreement, Stulz ANZ will provide […]

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